Marketplace Version 3


  • Trading fee: The trading fee for each successfully sold NFT on market, which is set by admin to contribute to system stability and the development of new features, is 3% by default.

  • Creator fee: The fees that may occur depend on the collection owner, and the fee rates can vary depending on the creator's purpose and direction. By default, it starts at 0%.

Fixed Price

Note: Applies to NFT ERC-721 and NFT ERC-1155

  • Fixed Price is a standard price that allows you to buy or sell NFT items instantly at a set price:

    • Seller: sell items at the price they want

      Example: Set the price of your item to $50 and sell it for $50. Market-free settlement fees and royalties are the total revenue you receive

    • Buyer: buy items immediately without waiting. It's the fastest, most convenient way to shop.

  • Sellers create orders quickly without signing through the wallet -> reduce transaction fees for seller

  • For NFT ERC-1155, a Quantity field appear for seller to adjust amount of NFTs they want to sell

  • For NFT ERC-1155, buyer can choose Quantity to buy and make normal transactions.

Time Auction

Note: Applies to NFT ERC-721

  • An auction is a sale in which buyers compete to acquire an NFT property by setting a favorable price. The auction starts with a trigger point and everyone has a set amount of time to bid. The highest/last bidder will buy your NFT in that time period:

    • Seller: Choose the starting price, the highest price, and the auction end time

    • Buyers will participate in the bidding based on the following criteria:

      • The first-time buyer's bid price must be equal to or greater than the reserve price.

      • The minimum step price will be set by admin for buyers to bid

      • The current highest bidder will keep the coins in contract, previous bidders will be refunded immediately

      • At the end of time, NFT bidding will be completed by anyone following the NFT and forwarded to the winning buyer.

  • During the auction period, buyer can buy now when NFT value matches the need.

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