Ver 1.1.1

This version is the latest.

Ver 1.1.5

Update: 2023/09/28

New feature

  • MeArt launchpad combines NFT items with physical artwork

  • Adding 2 more cards for sale: super diamond and uranium in the store

  • Allow purchasing cards in the store with PREMES token

  • The Saving system pays profits in PREMES token when a user claims a package.

Ver 1.1.4

Update: 2023/08/30

New feature

  • MESEA Launchpad allows users to create their own personal launchpad

  • The affiliate receives a commission based on the affiliate tree system or a promo code when a user mints NFTs in the Launchpad

  • Support form is supported

  • All modules pay commissions in PREMES.

Ver 1.1.3

Update: 2023/07/27

Functional improvement

  • Commissions adjust the logic for calculating revenue and total investment

  • Voting supports investors in deciding whether new projects or features should be implemented

  • Saving block/unblock package.

Ver 1.1.2

Update: 2023/06/22

Big Update

  • Market V3 supports fast transactions and reduces listing fees for sellers

  • PetAI Staking NFTs is supported

  • Lottery v2 enhances transparency and fairness

  • MESEA new site map helps improve the user experience

  • Commissions V2 supports some improvements that are beneficial to users.

Ver 1.1.1

Update: 2023/02/20

  • Staking MESEA Card is supported.

Ver 1.1.0

Update: 2023/01/19

Functional improvement

  • Detect lottery bot

  • Addition of Saving commission function

  • Modification to enable chain specification when creating Auction NFTs.

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