Initial Partnership Offering

We will offer the Private Sale round to all eligible partners holding communities. By partnering with us, all members of your community will become MESEA first users to experience

After joining our Initial Partnership Offering, you will be invited to our exclusive Telegram group to together work on, develop and expand further marketing and partnership plans in the future.

You will receive MES tokens.

Release plan:

1. TGE: 8% in MES tokens, 3 hours after listing on DEXs (PancakeSwap).

2. You will continue to be able to withdraw the next 6% of the Mes tokens after 30 days (vesting 0.2% everyday) and 6% every month (vesting 0.2% everyday) after that until all Mes tokens are unlocked.​Please remember to connect your wallet and press the “Claim Tokens” button to receive your MAN on the days we unlock yours.

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