Decentralized Affiliate

Decentralized Affiliate is a special feature MESEA wants to introduce to every user because this is a feature that allows everyone to make a great amount of profit through inviting friends and family to join using the NFT Marketplace.

Other big NFT Marketplaces in the world do not have this Affiliate program, all transaction fees on the platforms will belong to the development team. However, MESEA is introducing the affiliate feature so that those who contributed to invite other users to join will receive percentage commissions when the invited user registers and starts transacting on MESEA.

The commission percent will not be limited in time and amount of transaction, whenever someone uses MESEA through your affiliate link, you will receive a percentage of that transaction. This commission rewarding will be operated fully on the blockchain to ensure transparency and fairness as well as creating a chance for everyone to make more profit.

Invite your friends to receive up to 30% commission

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